Clinton Public School

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The Programs
The Clinton Public School Child Care Programs welcome all students. We hope that all pupils will have a wonderful, enriching experience. The programs have limited space availability. After a program is full, a waiting list will begin according to application date.

Before Care Program

The program runs daily from 7:30AM to 8:30AM. Please do not bring your child before the 7:30AM opening as a staff member will not be present. The Before school program is low-key, providing simple activities and games to engage the students. Children are not allowed to go to their classrooms during this time.

*In the event of a delayed school opening due to inclement weather, etc., the Before Care Program will not be available.

After Care Program

The program runs daily from dismissal at 3PM until 6PM, including most scheduled early dismissals. There is NO After Care Program available on the day before Winter Recess and the last day of school. The After Care Program will be open on the day before Thanksgiving vacation, but will close promptly at 3PM.

*In the event of an unscheduled early dismissal, due to inclement weather, etc., the After Care Program will not be available. When this occurs during the school day (prior to the normal 3PM dismissal time), all pupils will be sent home early, and the Honeywell Alert System will go into effect. You will not receive a phone call from the After Care Program directly.

General After Care Schedule:

  1. Attendance - All students will come to the After Care “home-base” at dismissal time. The Child Care staff does not pick up children at their classrooms. Attendance is then taken.

  2. Homework Time/Quiet Activity Time Following attendance, students will work on assigned homework. After Care staff are available to assist with general questions regarding homework, and will review directions or give a simple explanation about questions related to a student’s homework. Those not working on homework may choose to go to another area to engage in quiet activities according to appropriate age levels.

  3. Snack At approximately 4PM, snack is provided to students. Snack varies on a daily basis, however, pretzels are offered every day as an alternative snack. Water is provided as a drink. Please notify staff if your child is allergic to any foods or specific ingredients. Children are not permitted to bring their own snacks due to food allergies. If your child has only certain snacks that can be eaten due to a medical condition, the family may provide these snacks.

  4. Group Activities – Following snack, students will usually be given a choice of activities available. These may include outside play, videos, coloring, puzzles, books, crafts, games, etc.

*Schedule is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the Child Care Director and Staff.

IMPORTANT: There is NO NURSE available during the Before or After Care Programs. Therefore, there will be no distribution of medications to students. Also, students may not self- administer medications, except in the case of asthma inhalers or emergency epi-pens. Medical permission must be on file in the school nurse’s office, and a copy must be provided to the Child Care Director. Students must also be fully toilet trained in order to attend either program.

Release of Children from the After Care Program

Please call the Child Care cell phone when you arrive to pick up your child. The number is 908- 507-1959. The back-up number is 908-507-4474. If indoors, a staff member will bring your child to the door for parents to sign out. If outdoors, you will be asked to come to the playground area in order to sign out your child.

Each family will fill out an “Alternate Approved Pick-Up” form which will be kept on file at Child Care. It is important to list any person allowed to sign out your child from the After Care Program. Please inform all persons listed that you have placed their names on this form. Please make sure that your alternate pick-ups are able to pick up your child by the 6PM closing time.

*A copy of any court order limiting parental rights must be given to the Child Care Director.

Late Pick-Ups

The After Care Program closes promptly at 6PM. If you are anticipating being delayed, please make arrangements for a person on your Alternate Pick-Up form to pick up your child. If a child is not picked up by 6PM, the Child Care Program must be contacted by phone. Staff will attempt to contact parents, and alternate pick-ups, if necessary.

There will be a $15 charge per child for children who are signed up to stay until 4PM and are picked up between 4:00PM – 4:15PM and children who are signed up to stay until 5PM and are picked up between 5:00PM – 5:15PM. There will be a $1 per minute charge per child after 4:15PM and 5:15PM accordingly. If 3 late arrivals occur after your assigned pickup time (either 4PM or 5PM), you will be moved to the next pick up time and billed accordingly. There will be a $15 charge for children picked up between 6:00PM – 6:15PM. There will be a $1 per minute charge per child after 6:15PM. If 3 late arrivals occur after the 6PM closing, your child may be asked to leave the program.

In the event that a child remains in the After Care Program for one hour after closing (7PM), and staff has not spoken directly to a parent or alternate pick-up who is on the way, staff will call Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) 24-hour child abuse hotline to report

abandonment and seek assistance in caring for the child until the parent (or alternate pick-up) can pick up the child.

Discipline Policy

If inappropriate behavior persists, a time-out will be given and a follow-up discussion about the behavior will occur with the child and parent. Serious infractions of the programs’ rules that compromise any child’s safety or the authority of the staff, or excessive behaviors that disrupt the nature of the program, will result in a written incident report. A one day suspension from Child Care may occur. If inappropriate behavior becomes chronic, a meeting between the Child Care Director, school administrator, and the parent/guardian will be necessary for the child to continue in the program.


Registration will be completed online through The Work Family Connection at Space is limited in both the Before and After Care Programs. Students who are presently attending the program(s) and incoming kindergarten students will have priority enrollment for two weeks prior to open enrollment for the new school year. Each family is required to complete a new registration form yearly, accompanied by the registration fee of $40 for one child, or $60 per family for the entire school year.

*Preschool students are not eligible to attend the Before or After Care Programs.

If you wish to switch your child’s pick-up time or attendance days, you may do so before the 20th of the prior month.

*Registration will be open to returning students and incoming kindergarten students beginning on May 16, 2017. Registration for all other students will begin on June 1, 2017.

Tuition Payments

You will be billed for tuition each month. Payments are due by the 20th of each prior month. If payment is received after the 20th, a $10 late fee will be charged.

There is a Financial Sliding Scale Fee for families who qualify for Free/Reduced lunch. The scale can be viewed on the application.

*Your payment reserves a space for your child in the Before or After Care Program. Therefore, no reimbursement is given if your child is absent from the program. If you withdraw your child for one or more months, your child will lose his/her reserved slot in the program(s).

Programs and Fees

Before Care (7:30AM – 8:30AM)

Number of Days Per Week

  1 2 3 4 5
 1st Child$60  $60 $80 $80 $80
Each Add’l Sibling  $40 $40$60  $60$60 

 Price Per Month


After Care (3PM – 6PM)
Number of Days Per Week

  1 2 3 4 5
 4PM $120 *$100 $140 *$100 $160 *$120 $170 *$130 $180 *$140
 5PM $140 *$120 $160 *$120 $180 *$140 $190 *$150 $200 *$160
 6PM $160 *$140$180 *$140  $200 *$160 $220 *$170 $240 *$180

Price Per Month

*Indicates price per additional sibling.


Financial Sliding Scale (For Families who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch)
   Free: 40% of contracted fee
   Reduced: 70% of contracted fee 


Last Modified on October 10, 2016