Clinton Public School

Donna Zaugg

Eighth Grade Math
                                                                                          Voice Mail (908) 735-0950 ext. 120
You can reach me most easily via e-mail.
All 8th grade students
Please be advised that on Monday, June 13th, all graduating 8th grade students will be given a summer math packet to complete by the first day of school in August.  There are four different packets.  Your child was to take a packet based on the math course they will be taking in their freshmen year.  This is a high school requirement.  Please read the directions carefully.  Students are to show all work.  The packets will be collected, corrected, and graded.  Students will be tested on the concepts in the packet sometime during the first two weeks of school.  If your child misplaces their packet, they can go to their high school's website to download another copy.
Please contact me by e-mail if you have any questions.
Have a wonderful summer!
Algebra - Periods 2 & 7
All students have received the results of the high school placement exam and should have shared this information with you.  There is a paper with your child's score that is to be returned to me with your signature.  If you have any questions, please contact me or the head of the math department at the high school, by e-mail.

Pre-algebra - Period 3


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