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Social Studies

   Double Crown
 5th Grade-   
 Due Monday Jan. 23- 
Play the Purpose Games Europe Large Countries 5 times and record your scores and times on the sheet provided.   Go to the bottom right-hand corner and click on REPLICA EDITION and use the password below. 
user name: 800025579 
password : 800025579
or use NEWSELA  
class code : UGA2EU 
True Flix      Login: cpsnj     Password: trueflix 

6th Grade -

Due Friday 3/3-  Play the game below 5 times. 
Due Wednesday 1/11- Watch the Yin-Yang Video below and write a one paragraph reaction on loose leaf paper.  
Due Monday 1/9/17- Newsela China Article and Questions
Due Monday, December 5th- Explore "The Art of Islamic Pattern" and "Archive of Islamic Patterns by Region" web pages and find pattern that you would like to copy. You only need to copy a small sample of the design. Feel free to trace it. It needn't be colored.  
Due Monday 10/24- Start research for Roman Leader Google Slides Presentation. Use the research guide handout to take notes. You must have 5 facts about your leader by Monday. 
Play the following world cities game 5 times and record your score and time in your planner. 
We will play the game in class and receive a quiz grade on it. 
Caesar -
 True Flix      Login: cpsnj     Password: trueflix 
Research Links 
World Book Online      username:cpsnj      PW:bulldog
Country Trek 
World Countries #3 
World Countries #2
BBC  West African Trade Empires
BBC Ancient Greece  
World Countries #1 
Africa - Large Countries Game
Africa - Very Large Countries
Asia - Large Countries Game
Asia - Very Large Countries
Asia Purpose Game 
Europe Purpose Game - Very Large Countries
Europe Purpose Game - Large Countries
Europe Purpose Game
North America Purpose Game
North America -Large Countries Only  Purpose Game 
 South America Purpose Game
 South America - Large Countries Only  Purpose Game
 40 Important Cities
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