• Tonya Lunger
       Sixth Grade LA/Basic Skills
        You can reach me best via e-mail.
    Week of February 11th
    6th Grade Language Arts 
    - We have our goal of 40 books before the end of the year to reach.
    - Keep reading & setting new goals. Daily plan should be recorded
      in your planner.
    - 24 books by the end of February
    (You can still count one from summer, Schooled, and Love That Dog)
      Reading response and my signature for credit 
    Parts that should be finished
    Cover - rough and Final
    Title Page - Rough and Final
    Note cards
    Outline - rough and final
    First draft for all pargraphs ( I. - VI. )
    Monday - Edit/Do I have enough information? (2 - 3 paragraphs) Each paragraph can stand on it's own, with                  5-8 sentences as a guide.
    TuesdayWhat needs to be taken out of each paragrph? Do all sentences support the topic sentence?
    Wednesday- Edit - Polishing/Vocabulary,Sentence structure
    Thursday - Final Works Cited page
    Friday -  Introduction Page/Due date will be assigned
     It is important to keep up with what we are accomplishing in class.  If you don't, you shoud be finishing that topic for homework so that you do not fall behind. 
     Wordmasters - All 25 words due Wednesday/Thursday a quiz will be given to determin what you know vs.                             what you need to study.
    Nouns - Quiz Friday
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