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    welcome back
    October 16, 2017
    Welcome Fall!
       Today it certainly feels as though Autumn has arrived!  The children were suprised to feel the cool windy air during recess.
        We have been learning about shapes so far this month.  Everyone is working hard to recall shape names; especially that pesky difference between rectangle and triangle.  The children have been sorting, counting and creating collage art using paper shapes.  Learning to recognize shapes is not only a lesson in math but also sets the stage for learning to differentiate letters and numbers.
        We now are focusing on the many wonders of Autumn, starting with acorns and oak trees.  The children created paper plate mazes and used the acorns we found to maneuver through the obstacles they built using paper strips.  Hope you have fun with these!
         Halloween is fast approaching.  It happens to be a half-day which means AM Pre-k attends from 8:30-10:15 and PM Pre-k attends from 11:00 -12:40.  The  AM group will watch the parade from the top of the Walker's Path just outside of the Kindergarten classroom.  More information to follow about the date and time of the classroom parties.
         Give me a call if you have any questions. 
    Our Special schedules have been set:
    AM:  A/Gym  D/Music E/Art Thursday/Library
    PM:  B/Art  D/Gym  F/Music  Wednesday/Library
    Please remember to have children wear sneakers daily; we are very active! (or send an extra pair in the backpack)
    The schedule is always flexible and responsive to children's needs and special activities.
    Remember, if you'd like to visit the class, just contact me and we'll make a date! 
     Sneakers are the best footwear for Pre-K!  We are an active bunch.  Dress for the weather, we play outside as much as we can.
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