Cassie Rudd
    Kindergarten Teacher
    email: crudd@cpsnj.org
    twitter: @MissRudd34
    Day 14
    Friday, April 3, 2020
    Distance Learning Plans
    ***Parents: please continue to use the 1st packet of materials, we will use the 2nd packet at a later date :) 
    Happy Fri-yay!
    • Have your Kindergartener say the letter-keyword-sound for each letter of the alphabet in order (a, apple, /a/; b, bat, /b/; etc.)
    • Have your Kindergartener sky write the upper and lowercase letters (write the letters in the air with their fingers)
    • Choose a Fundations practice page to complete.
    • If possible watch Jack Hartmann sight word videos on YouTube and/or complete a sight word practice page.
    • Opinionators! We have been discussing what an opinion story is. We have also discussed facts verses opinion.

    • I want to talk to you about opinions being all around us everyday. For example, when you go to lunch you might have opinions about the food on your tray. Some of us might like carrots and some might not. When you go to the playground you might have more opinions. Some might like to swing while others like to slide more. There are opinions all around us; we just have to look for them!

    • Today, I want you to think about your favorite color and why it is your favorite. For example, I like the color blue. I like the color blue because it is the color of the ocean. I also like blue because it is the color of cotton candy! As you are thinking about your favorite color, also try to think about why you like that color. What makes it special?

    • As you are writing today (you can write about your favorite color if you’d like to!) I want you to think about WHY you feel the way you feel and include those details in your writing and your picture.

    • Remember to:
      • Tap out the words you need to write.
      • Put spaces between your words.
      • Use punctuation.
      • Form your letters correctly: no random capitals!!
      • Add lots of details to your picture and your writing.


    Opinion Story Poster

    • Reread a book you have already read. Practice reading your book with expression! 
    • Choose a new book to read from your book bag or on Epic or KidsA-Z
    • Directions for reading with your Kindergartener are included in your child's book bag. These directions include what to do before, during, and after reading.
    • If possible have your Kindergartener listen to a story read aloud by a parent or older sibling, through Vooks, or through Storyline Online. 
    • Talk about the books you read. Ask questions, make connections, and have your Kindergartener work on retelling what happened in the story (or remember key details from the beginning, middle, and ending).
    • Warm up: What is a triangle? How many sides does a triangle have? How many corners? Can you think of things that are shaped like a triangle?
    • Complete GoMath Chapter 9, lesson 9.5 Identify and Name Triangles (pages 517-522)
    • Complete a math practice worksheet or 2 of your choice.