5th-8th Grade:   All students have just completed their assessments with their Soccer and Speedball Unit.  Each student was assessed in throw-ins, dribbling, passing, and shooting, along with a written assessment.  We are currently moving into our Basketball Unit.  In this unit the students will explore some different variations to the game of Basketball and also be assessed on their dribbling, passing, and shooting along with a written assessment at the end of the unit.  
    K-3rd grade:  In 3rd grade we just completed our soccer unit where we worked on our foot skills along with some lead up games for the game of soccer. We are currently moving into our Basketball Unit.  In this unit we will be working on our dribbling, passing, and shooting skills and hoping to put them to use in a game situation.  Our K and 1st graders are just starting to work on their ball handling skills.  We will be working on different variations of bouncing, catching, and dribbling all while working on improving their eye-hand coordination.
    Activity Period:  We will changing our Elective after the trimester is over.  We will be dong Archery during our 2nd Trimester.
    For Information on Sports please visit The Bulldog Athletics page found under the Athletics Tab
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