• Reading Tips For Parents
    1. Don't leave home without it!
    Bring along a book or magazine for any time your child has to wait. For example, waiting for a sibling to get out of karate, or even sitting at the doctors office. Always try and fit in reading. 
    2.  Once is not enough!
    Encourage your child to read a favorite book or series more than once. Re-reading helps kids read more accurately and quickly.
    3. Dig deeper into the story.
    Ask your child questions about  the book they reading. Don't just take one word answers, you want detailed responses.
    4. Take control of the television.
    It is difficult for reading to compete with television and video games. Encourage reading as a free-time activity. 
    5. Pick books that are at the right level.
    Assist your student in picking books that are at the right level. The goal is to give your student lots of successful reading experiences.
    6. Talk, talk, talk.
    Talk with your child everyday about school and things going on around the house. Sprinkle some interesting words into the conversation, and build on words you have talked about in the past.
    7. Write, write, write.
    Ask your child to help you write out the grocery list, a thank you note, or of special things happening at home.  
    8. Be an example.
     Children learn by example. Let your child see you read, whether it may be a book, magazine, or cookbook, etc.