Mrs. Deb Nolan

    Special Education Teacher


    You can reach me best via email

    (908) 735-8512 ext 232  

    Dear Parents and Students,
    As we begin our 2022-2023 school year, my goal is to maintain instructional continuity while using Google Classroom as a means to post lessons and activities.  I will post a daily agenda with the day's lessons and activities in Google Classroom. There will also be a weekly syllabus on both the CPS website and also on my Google classroom. 
    Please follow your daily schedule. My classes will take place in room 32.. 
    Please be sure to check Google Classroom  and our Weekly Syllabus for daily assignments.  Use your student agenda to keep track of homework. Email me with any questions or concerns.


    Welcome to Mrs. Nolan's Class Page!

    I will also be teaching  6th grade replacement  Language Arts , Math and Supplemental classes.  I will also be co teaching a 5th Grade Math class. . 

    Homework : Homework will be an extended learning activity for our daily and weekly lessons.  The homework will be a review of the day's lesson or previous lessons and should be able to be completed with relative ease. If your child is having difficulty with a particular assignment, please note that on the assignment, or send me an email.

    Math:  (Glencoe Math )  This program provides highly explicit and systematic instruction in the wide range of content specified in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The program stresses understanding and introduces concepts carefully, then weaves them together throughout the program. Lessons are designed to introduce concepts at a reasonable rate and help students make connections between important concepts. The lessons provide the practice needed to achieve mastery and understanding. We will also use Otter Creek to practice our math fact automaticity. Prodigy,Xtramth,  Quizziz and IXL will be our online learning programs. 


    Writing: This year we will focus on text evidence writing along with informational, persuasive and creative writing. We will highlight textual evidence, by using a  graphic organizer, and begin the writing process using textual evidence sentence starters. During creative writing, we will brainstorm picture/ideas, begin writing three paragraphs explaining what happened before, during and after the picture. We will also have a weekly “free write” to allow students to write about a topic of their choice.


    Reading:  This year we will split our time reading various novels and text evidence reading. We will focus on two crucial skills for our readers ; decoding and comprehension. These skills are divided into three principal areas: Word-Attack Skills, Group Reading, Individual Reading Checkouts. The students will demonstrate comprehension of passages through discussions, making connections and reading quizzes. We will also expose students to multi-paragraph readings that develop central ideas, increase vocabulary and increase students' reading strategies for fluency and comprehension. We will also participate in Read Naturally Live online. 

    Vocabulary ( Cartoons) - Having fun while learning new words. Students can learn vocabulary words easier & faster than you have ever thought through mnemonics. Mnemonic is a fancy word which simply means “assisting in memory”. Students will have 10 vocabulary words. We will discuss meaning, parts of speech and use in our writing. 

    6th Grade Spelling (  Evan Moore)- Students will have 18 words biweekly. Activity pgs. focuses on word meanings, word study and editing. Test will follow the unit ( Friday).

    Grammar:Applying grammar and mechanic skills to our writing is very important. We will be using a program called “Easy Grammar”. Our goal is for all students to understand and enjoy English. We begin by identifying prepositions . We will work on punctuation, explaining and identifying differences between nouns (common/proper), verbs (action/linking), adjectives and adverbs in sentences. We will review parts of speech also.


    I am looking forward to a great year!