Hello Student,

    I am sending you many hugs and smiles. Remember to take good care of yourself and remind everyone you know to wash hands frequently, eat healthful foods, and enjoy fresh air activities.

    Here are some websites you should work on to practice your language skills. You will enjoy the activities, learn interesting facts, and become a better English language listener, speaker, reader, and writer.


    Mrs. Olczak


     I will meet with you during our regular ELL sessions and anytime you need extra help. Please email me every day. I get notifications from your classroom teachers via Google Classroom.


    Watch & Learn Libraryhttps://digital.scholastic.com/site/launch/watchandlearn?ucn=600073426


    1. First, you should select a lesson topic. Click on the KEY WORDS link under Lesson Resources. You should listen to the key words three times.
    2. Second, watch a VIDEO. You should watch the video at least twice and listen for the important/key words.
    3. Then, you may take a QUIZ and check your understanding of a lesson.
    4.  Last, I expect you to complete all the Watch and Learn Library written assignments I have enclosed in your ELL folder. Make sure you write the title of a video and the date you have completed your assignment on each page.

    Math Skills Practice:   http://www.ixl.com/

Last Modified on April 19, 2020