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    Well Bulldogs we made it, Happy Last Week of School!!!!! Hope all is well with you and your family.  I just wanted to thank all of you that continued to work hard over the last couple of crazy months.  I have shared some things that I like to do over the summer with my family.  Feel free to try them out, or let me know what some of your favorite things to do as a family over the summer are.  Have a great summer and hope to see all of you in September.



    Hello Bulldogs,

    I have been thinking a lot about our Physical Fitness Testing and whether or not we will be able to get it all done.  I have been teaching at CPS for 17 years and have never missed a year of testing.  I actually have all of your scores since you have been in 3rd grade if you ever wanted to take a look.  So this will be up to you Bulldogs.  I know some of you have already started and some classes have not begun at all yet.  So I am asking you to complete the rest of your fitness testing and then send me the results.  I will create a google form and post it later this week to so you will have something to fill out.  I know I can't make all of you do it, but I would love for all of you to try it out.  Here is a list of your tests.

    Pacer Test:  (measure out 20m and then use the link attached for the test. Remember you must fail 2X). 20 Meter Pacer Test

    Sit and Reach:  Put a tape measure or measure a line on the floor or ground and keep knees down and reach out as far as you can.  You get 3 tries, and it is measured in CM

    Shuttle Run:  Measure 30 feet.  Use 2 objects and place them on one of the 30 foot lines.  Start at the opposite side, run down grap one eraser and bring it back to starting line.  Next, go grab the second eraser and run it all the way through the finish line.

    Sit-Ups: As many as you can in a minute

    Pull-Ups: Remeber your hands are facing away from you.  You must start from a hang and your chin must go above the bar.

    Mile Run:  Please make sure you get your parents permission first

    Miss you guys and hope to see everyone soon,

    Mr. Bidwell

      If you have any questions shoot me an email and I will gladly get back to you.


    Mr. Bidwell

    Fitness Activities and Exercise

    • Go for a run/walk
    • Go for a hike
    • Help your parents out with any yardwork
    • Actiivity Log
    • Fitness UNO
    • Its all in your NAME (Do these challenges with reps or time) Ex: 10X or 10 sec.
    • 2 by 2 Fitness
    • Spikeball (If you don't have the net, you can use a hula hoop or just make a circle and use any kind of bouncy ball.)
    • Coin Flip Fitness
    • Fitness Monopoly (You will need to use your own dice)
    • Bulldog Movement May
    • Mr. Bidwell's family fun activities!!!!  Hopefully you will get out and enjoy the summer as much as we do.

      Pool Activities:

      Marco Polo



      Sharks and Minnows

      Frisbee Golf



      Blueberry/Strawberry/Rasberry/Peaches picking



      Bike Riding



      Enjoy your summer and stay well,

      Mr. Bidwell





Last Modified on June 8, 2020