• STEM at HOME Menu #1

    Read a Book

    What was the problem in the story?

    Build something to help solve the problem.

    Create a Game

    Use recyclables to design your own game. Create rules for your game and teach your family how to play.

    Design a Futuristic Phone

    Create a blueprint of a futuristic phone design. What can your phone do?

    Draw a Map of your Home
    Label each room in your house. Measure the length and width of each room and add them to your map.

    Make a Boat

    Build a boat out of tin foil. Set your boat in a tub of water and see how much weight it can hold.

    Create a Dance

    Come up with dance moves to your favorite song. Record your dance.

    Create a Kite

    Use materials that you have at home to design a kite. Does your kite fly?

    Build a Catapult

    Use popsicle sticks, a spoon, and rubber bands to design a catapult. How far can your catapult launch an object?

    Design an Amusement Park
    Use paper, scissors and tape to design a new amusement park.

    Build a Bridge

    Use materials you have at home to build a bridge. How tall is your bridge? How much weight can it hold?

    Create an Obstacle Course
    Plan out your obstacle course on paper. Time how long it takes you to complete your course.

    Design a Pair of Glasses

    Use materials you have at home to design a

    stylish pair of glasses.

    This week I did ______ activities!

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