Second Step

  • Second Step is a research-based social emotional learning program that teaches children fundamental resources in the areas of skills for learning, empathy, emotion management, and problem solving.  Children in kindergarten-fourth grade will receive 20 minute lessons bi-weekly in their classrooms. These lessons will help to set your child up for success academically, socially, and emotionally; both in and out of school.  Below is how the four units are broken down:


      • Growth Mindset and Goal Setting- Students will learn about the importance of a growth mindset and strategies through classroom activities.  Students learn about how the brain grows as new challenges are faced and understand the importance of mistakes along the way.  Lastly, the goal setting process is explored both indivudally and as a class.
        • Skills for learning (Kindergarten and First Grade)- students will learn rules for listening, focusing attention, and following directions.
      • Emotion Management- Students will work to increase their emotional vocabularies.  Students will learn to identify emotions in themselves and others through contextual and behavioral cues.  Students will learn strategies to calm strong feelings that they may face.
      • Empathy and Kindness- Students learn the importance of empathy and kindness and the positive impact it will have on relationships.
      • Problem Solving- Students will use skills learned in previous units to understand and execute a step-by-step problem solving framework.