• How to shop with our SCRIP Gift Card Fundraiser!

    Program Admininistrators:  Susan Komorowski and Alexis Levers
    Email Address: sandski@embarqmail.com

    With YOUR help, CPS PIE can easily earn thousands of dollars via the SCRIP gift card program!
    How do I get started?
    1 - Log onto www.shopwithscrip.com (or click the link to the right)
    2 - Create an account by clicking (Join A Program - or - Sign In if you already have an account)
    3 - and SHOP! (Select the gift cards you would like to purchase)
    4 - Send in your payment to the Main Office, via check, or pay with Presto Pay through the SCRIP website.  Make your check payable to CPS PIE.
    5 - About a week after the monthly deadline, pick up your gift cards in the Main Office, or you can request them to be sent home with your child. 
    Search through the pages of participating retailers and pick gift cards from your favorite retailers!  Each retailer lists a % that they will give back to our school for your purchase.  There are hundreds of popular, participating retailers - department stores, restaurants, grocery stores, gas companies, coffee shops, etc. 
    Planning a vacation?  Don't want to bring cash?  Buy your gas cards, Disney gift cards, etc before you go!
    If you purchase a $25 gift card - you pay only $25!  SCRIP pays CPS PIE directly!  the % varies by vendor, usually 2% to 22% per card!  Check out the Specials Page for great deals!
    Use the cards for gift giving, or for your own use at ShopRite, Walmart, Dunkin' Donuts, Disney, etc!  Shop as you normally would, at no extra cost to you, while supporting enrichment programs at CPS - it's that easy!  
    I still don't understand....
    That's okay.  This is a bit confusing, but let's say you shop at Shoprite and spend about $100 a week.  The month before you go, log onto shopwithscrip.com and enter the information above.  You buy $100 in Shoprite gift cards, CPS PIE earns $4!  If you buy $400 in gift cards, CPS PIE will earn $16! 
    If 100 families participated, CPS PIE could potentially earn $1,600 IN ONE MONTH.... and in 10 months, we could earn $16,000!
    Sign up today!
    1. Click on the following link www.shopwithscrip.com
    2. Click on Join A Program
    3. Enter Code FA2FBC2F29399
    4. Enter your information
    5. And SHOP





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