Medication Policy

    No medication can be administered to a student without the written authorization from the parent and physician. Dr. Frank, our School Physician, has authorized the administration of acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Motrin/Advil) by the school nurse.  Parent permission is required before a student can receive Tylenol or Advil.  A permission form is sent home the first day of school to be signed and returned to the school nurse with your written permission. You will be contacted by phone if the school nurse determines your child requires one of these medications during the school day.

    Written authorization from your physician is required for all medications (except those mentioned above). This includes prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, cough drops, cough medicine and nutritional supplements. Please use the OTC/Rx Authorization for SN to Administer form found under the forms section.

    Medication must be brought into school by a parent and must be labeled with the student's name and be in the original container.

    If you are bringing in a prescription medication, ask the pharmacist to give you two labeled bottles when you drop off the prescription.  With prescription medications, please send into school only the amount of medicine that will be
    administered in school so that medication does not have to travel back and forth from school to home each day.

    The only medication that students are allowed to carry with them and self-administer are those medications needed for potentially life-threatening illnesses such as inhalers for asthma and an Epipen for severe allergic reactions.  A student may carry and self-administer these medications when he/she is able to demonstrate proper self-administration technique and the prescribing physician has given written authorization that the student may carry and self-administer the medication.

    All other medications will be kept locked in the nurse's office and will be administered to the student at the time designated by the physician.  All required medication administration forms (see health office forms link) must be turned into the nursing office.

    The school nurse or a parent or guardian is the only one permitted to administer medication to students in school or on class trips.



Last Modified on August 22, 2021