Physical Examinations

    Students are required to have a physical examination upon entry to school.  Subsequent medical examinations of students at least one time during each developmental stage at early childhood (pre-school through grade three), pre-adolescence (grades four through six) and adolescence (grades seven through twelve) are encouraged.

    Students trying out for a school athletic team must have a current health history and physical on file in the nurse’s office.  Physicals are good for one year and must be on file before the start of the first practice session.

    The medical examination must include a health history completed by the parent, which is read and signed by the physician and a complete physical performed by the physician.  The medical report shall include the recommendation concerning the student’s level of participation from the examining physician, advanced practice nurse, or physician’s assistant.  The school physician will review and sign this medical report.

    Health history and physical examination forms are available under health office forms link, in the nurse’s office, the main office and from coaches.

Last Modified on November 7, 2020