•            2019 - 2020   Health/Physical Education Schedule

             PreK Physical Education
                Pre-K  AM       Day F
                Pre-K PM        Day C
                K-4 Health/Physical Education
                  K Asaro           Days A & D
                  K Peterson     Days B & E
                  2 Hedden       Days A & D
                  4 Metelitsa     Days B & E
                  4 Smith          Days C & F
                5/6 Health
                   5L      Day E
                   5M     Day A
                   6La    Day B
                   6Lu    Day D
                   6W     Day F
             7/8 Health  
             Days A-F during scheduled trimester
    Note: All grades K-5 students should wear sneakers on PE and health days, in case of an unexpected change in the health schedule to a PE class. 
Last Modified on March 12, 2020