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            Puerto Rico is an archipelago of several islands in the Carribean and a self-governing territory, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, belonging to the United States of America. President Barack Obama is the head of state, however, Puerto Rican voters elect their governor for a four-year term, and presently, it is Luis Guillermo Fortuno of the New Progressive Party. This party is in favor of integrating Puerto Rico as the 51st state of the United States. The opposing party, the Popular Democratic Party, tends to be in favor of maintainig Puerto Rico's commonwealth status.

             Puerto Rico has its own constitution modeled after the constitution of the United States. The Senate and the House of the Representatives are the two bodies of the legislature in Puerto Rico. Even though Commonwealth of Puerto Rico belongs to the United States, its residents cannot vote in US presidential elections. Puerto Ricans do not pay US income tax, yet the island receives federal funds.

             Tourism is the major industry of the island, as the territory is diverse and attracts many visitors. There are rainforests, mountains, beaches, deserts, caves, oceans and rivers which attract tourists from all over the world. The motto of Puerto Rican tourism is “Puerto Rico lo hace mejor!


            Territory: Puerto Rico
            Status: Self-governing territory belonging to the USA
            Full name: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
            Population: 3.9 million (via UN, 2006)
            Capital: San Juan
            Area: 8,959 sq km (3,459 sq miles)
            Major languages: Spanish, English (both official)
            Major religion: Christianity
            Life expectancy: 71 years (men) 80 years (women)
            Monetary unit: US dollar
            Main exports: Chemicals, foodstuffs, machinery
            GNI per capita: $10,950 (World Bank, 2001)
            Internet domain: .pr
            International dialling code: +1787

    source: BBCnews

Last Modified on May 7, 2010