• The National Geography Bee

    The National Geographic Bee, an educational program of the National Geographic Society, is a nationwide geography competition for students in grades four through eight, designed to encourage the teaching and study of geography.

    This contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society.

    The dates of each level of testing are as follows:

    School-level Geographic Bees
    Qualifying tests must be received from registered schools by this date.
    State-level Geographic Bees
    National Geographic Bee, Washington, D.C.

    Grounds for Sculpture

    Five fifth grade students will have the opportunity to visit the GROUNDS FOR SCULPTURE with other fifth grade students from member schools of the North Hunterdon Enrichment Consortium. This sculpture park and museum has an emphasis on modern sculpture and is located in Hamilton, NJ. Students will be given a tour of the grounds and participate in a workshop led by an experienced educator and artist. Applications for consideration of inclusion are available from Mrs. Lauracella. 

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    Nature Walk

    Eight fourth grade students will have the opportunity to participate in a NATURE WALK with other fourth grade students from member schools of the North Hunterdon Enrichment Consortium. We will travel to Point Mountain Park and work with a biologist and botonist as we learn about plants and water life of the forests of NJ.

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    Math Convocation

     From each of the schools participating in the Hunterdon County Enrichment Consortium, four 8th grade students and eight 5th grade students will work together to prepare two math "booths" focusing a particular math skill.  Students will bring the booths to the Conley School in Bethlehem Twsp. and set up in a fairground type of setting.  The eighth grade students will work at the booths and the 5th grade students will experience all the offered activities. 


    Eight sixth grade students will be given the opportunity to participate in ARTline along with other students from the North Hunterdon Enrichment Consortium schools.  The first session will include a trip to the Hunterdon Museum of Art and the second session will be a student art show held at one of the participating schools.  The focus this year will be art from the decades.


    Eight seventh and eighth grade students will have the opportunity to represent CPS in a debate competition with students from schools in the North Hunterdon Enrichment Consortium.  Students will learn formatting of debate and how to prepare for debating within the social studies curriculum.  For the competition, students will not know ahead of time what the topics of debate will be and must be able to think on their feet and prepare the debate within a limited time frame. 

    Crime Scene Investigators

    Eight 6th grade students will have the opportunity to represent CPS in a simulation game of a investigating a crime scene. Students will gather data, analyze clues, and collaborate with "experts" to solve a mysterious occurrence. 

    Reading Olympics

    Fifth and sixth grade students will be able to participate in the Hunterdon County READING OLYMPICS. This is a competition for teams of students who have read 25 pre-selected books and are ready to answer questions based on the fiction and non-fiction selections. Reading begins in mid December and the competition will be held in May at the Holland Township Elementary School. The number of participants is unlimited.