• E2 Math

    E2 is an engaging and exciting component of the G&T program designed to meet the needs of our gifted math students in grades four through six.  This program encourages high levels of critical thinking through rigorous collaborative and independent activities. It permits students to show a mastery of material and then provides them with the opportunity to progress at an accelerated rate through new material.  It also presents students with multi-tiered assignments within each unit.  Each activity and assignment is tailored to meet different student achievement levels and fosters opportunities for peer interaction and collaboration among students of similar interests and abilities.


    Intermediate Program

    In third grade, students whose classroom performance and assessment data have qualified them for placement in the high math group will be involved in math enrichment experiences.  The program is a combination of individual, small group, and whole group investigations.   The math enrichment teacher will co-teach lessons with the classroom teacher within the regular math class setting.  In addition the math enrichment teacher will collaborate with the classroom teacher to provide individual and small group experiences.  The number of days in a cycle and the percentage of time each student spends engaged in these activities as opposed to the regular math classroom setting will vary by unit and by individual student need.  Each of these experiences is designed to enrich and extend the NJ Core Content Standards that are the foundation of our current third grade math curriculum.  It is our goal to enhance the mathematical experiences of our advanced third grade math students through the use of technology, classroom projects, and authentic, hands-on activities.



    Beginning in fourth grade, students are formally identified for participation in the E2 program.  This program is a combination of individual and small group investigations.  As is the case with our third grade program, the number of days in a cycle and the percentage of time each student spends in the E2 Math Program will be driven by the needs of particular units and individual students. These units will be designed to challenge gifted math students in a setting where differentiation and collaborative exchanges provide natural extensions to the grade level curriculum.  There will be frequent assessments of each participant's understanding of the math concepts being presented in the regular classroom.  Demonstration of mastery will lead to more in-depth work which may happen inside or outside of the regular math classroom depending upon the students' interest and progress, as well as the core content and unit of study.


    Middle School

    E2 will be a replacement math program for qualifying students in fifth and sixth grade.  This means that students will no longer have math in the regular classroom setting.  Instead, students will be taught in a cluster group of gifted math students and will have the chance to move through the curriculum at more rapid pace then their peers.  Based upon students' performance on assessments, this curriculum compacting may provide an opportunity for students to "skip" ahead to Eighth Grade Algebra I at the beginning of their seventh grade year. After successfully completing Eighth Grade Algebra I, students will take an exam that will afford them the opportunity of taking a high school math class during their eighth grade year if they successfully achieve the minimum required score on this exam.
Last Modified on November 11, 2010