• E2 Math


    E2 is an engaging and exciting component of the G&T program designed to meet the needs of our gifted math students in grade six.  This program encourages high levels of critical thinking through rigorous collaborative and independent activities. It permits students to show a mastery of material and then provides them with the opportunity to progress at an accelerated rate through new material.  It also presents students with multi-tiered assignments within each unit.  Each activity and assignment is tailored to meet different student achievement levels and fosters opportunities for peer interaction and collaboration among students of similar interests and abilities.



    Middle School

    E2 will be an additional math program for qualifying students in  sixth grade. Students will be taught in a cluster group of gifted math students and will have the chance to move through the pre algebra curriculum in addition to their grade 6 math course.  Based upon students' performance on assessments, this curriculum compacting may provide an opportunity for students to "skip" ahead to Eighth Grade Algebra I at the beginning of their seventh grade year. After successfully completing Eighth Grade Algebra I, students will take an exam that will afford them the opportunity of taking a high school math class during their eighth grade year if they successfully achieve the minimum required score on this exam.
Last Modified on September 7, 2023