Each week the children will get word sorts from Word Journeys (spelling program). The spelling lists will be differentiated.  Please remember that the lists may seem easy at first,but we are trying to teach the children the spelling strategies instead of just memorizing words for a Friday test. 

    The homework will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  A typical week will consist of the following:

    ·     On Mondays, the children will get their new word sort and will cut them apart.  Then, they will be instructed on the ‘feature’ and practice sorting the words.   For homework on Mondays, the children will bring home the sort that is cut apart, a refrigerator copy (a sort that is uncut to hang on the refrigerator) and their spelling journal.  At home, your child will need to sort the words according to the week’s ‘feature’ and then write each word neatly and correctly in the journal. The journal will already be set up for this sort.  The spelling journal needs to be returned on Tuesday.

    ·     On Wednesdays, the children will do SAW (sort, alphabetize and write).  The children will bring home their sort that is cut apart and their spelling journal.  Your child will need to sort the words again according to the ‘feature’.  Each week there will be two, three or four features.  Within these features, your child needs to alphabetize the words.  Then he/she will write down the words in alphabetical order.  Then he/she needs to return the journal on Thursday. 

    • On Thursdays, the children will again bring home their words to sort.  After they sort the words according to the ‘feature’, they will LSCSWC Look at the word, Say the word, Cover the word, Spell the word out loud, Write the word beneath each key word and then Check the word.  This will be your child’s final review of the words before the weekly spelling tests on Fridays.  The spelling journal needs to be returned on Friday. 
Last Modified on September 3, 2012