•                           Middle School Health

    This year 5th and 6th-grade health lessons will be held once every other six-day cycle. Each 7th and 8th-grade homeroom will have health during one trimester during the year. At CPS, we use the Children's Health Market/Great Body Shop health education materials. Scholastic Choices and Current Health magazine articles are used to supplement lessons. Please check with your student regarding his/her health schedule this year. Each student will have a health folder to take home with them once the trimester is over.  Please encourage your student to bring their folder home so you may review the units we have studied. In order for health education to be most effective, these topics need to be discussed at home as well as in school!  If your child does not bring their health folder home and you would like a sample of the health information distributed and discussed, please contact me.

                      Great Body Shop Middle School Health Education Units
    5th: Health Advocacy and Service, First Aid Facts, Love Your Lungs, Bones and Muscles, You Are What You Eat, Danger Ahead: The Truth About Drugs, Those Crazy Mixed Up Emotions, Growing Up.
    6th: Health Advocacy and Service, Becoming a Life-Long Learner, Social, Mental and Emotional Health, Fitness and Nutrition, Substance Abuse Prevention/Addiction, Growth and Development, Illness and Disease Prevention
     7th: Health Advocacy and Service, Social and Emotional Health, Safety, Injury and Violence Protection, Fitness and Nutrition, Substance Abuse Prevention
    Especially for 7th-grade students:
    Once again, the YMCA of Hunterdon County is offering free full memberships to all 7th graders from September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018! What a great fitness opportunity for our kids! Registration must be done in person at either the Deer Path or Round Valley branch of the Hunterdon County YMCA. Proof of grade is required, along with parent or guardian permission.  For more information, please call the YMCA at 908-782-1030 or go to the website:        https://www.hcymca.org/community/7th-grade-membership-intiative/
    8th: Health Advocacy and Service, Lifetime Skills and Values, Substance Abuse Prevention, Disease and Illness Prevention, Nutrition and Fitness, Growth/Development and Human Relationships
    8th Grade Community Service
    During the trimester when they have health, all 8th-grade students will be sent home with a parent letter that outlines the 8th-grade community service project requirement. (The parent letter for Trimester 1 health students - see link below.) The project selected must be approved by a parent/guardian and Mrs. Bulger. 
    All 8th-grade students must complete a minimum of one hour of community service during the trimester in which they have health class. Please encourage your student to get involved with community service whenever possible. Your support reinforces that helping others in need ultimately benefits everyone's physical, emotional/mental and social health.
    All 8th grade students have been encouraged to keep a record of any and all service that they complete during the entire school year. At graduation, the 8th grade class will be recognized for all of their community service. Reports are not required for additional community service work. The student should just add the project to their community service log. (link below)

                                    8th Grade Community Service Log

                       5th-7th Grade Community Service
    All CPS middle school students are encouraged to do community service throughout the school year. If a student completes community service within the trimester when they have health, they will be given extra credit and a Good Character Award certificate for their volunteer work. A brief report form (see link below) must be completed and returned to Mrs. Bulger after the service project is completed. 

Last Modified on August 26, 2019