•                                                       Current Physical Education Units
    Pre-K/LEAPS/Kindergarten:  Students to practice locomotor (walk, run, gallop, leap, side-step, hop, jump, skip, march) and perceptual movements (eye-hand/eye-foot coordination) while focusing on body spatial awareness, safety, speed and directional signals (stop, go, forward, backward, fast, slow, tiptoe, low, high). Basic tossing, catching, bouncing, rolling and kicking ball skills will be explored with various sizes/types of balls. Fun balances and stretches will be taught and mixed with fitness activities. Basic sports skills will be included using soccer and footballs in various games and skill exercises.
    2nd: Students to review basic locomotor skills while exploring new ones with various seasonal cardiovascular fitness games. In September and October, students will learn basics sports skills using soccer
    4th: Students to have fun improving their locomotor and perceptual-motor skills with various seasonal cardiovascular and agility warm-up games. In September and October, we will focus on soccer, football and team-building skills.
                 Current Great Body Shop Health Education Units
    Kindergarten: How to Stay Safe topics: community safety helpers, making safe choices, fire safety, safety near the street, safety signs.
    2nd: Let's Stay Safe topics: understanding emergencies, fire safety, safety near the street; safety concerning electricity, water, poisons, animals. Just before Halloween, Ryan Fisher, Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Coordinator at goHunterdon (formerly known as HART Commuter Information Services), will present interactive safety lessons to the 1st and 2nd grades.
    4th: Community Safety/Personal Safety topics: compare/contrast community and CPS safety helpers, how to handle various safety emergencies, decisions making steps to use when making safe choices.
                Additional 4th Grade Health Education Activities
              4th Grade Community Service Opportunity:
    Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey Poster Contest
          All 4th grade students have been given information about the PDFNJ's annual "Fun Things to do Instead of Doing Drugs" poster contest. All posters are due to Mrs. Bulger on or before December. For more information about the contest rules go to PDFNJ website link below:


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