• Tonya Lunger
       Sixth Grade LA/Basic Skills
        You can reach me best via e-mail.
    Week of May 21st
    Send in permission slip and money ($7.50) for the 6th grade trip. 
    6th Grade Language Arts 
    - We have our goal of 40 books before the end of the year to reach.
    - Keep reading & setting new goals. Daily plan should be recorded
      in your planner.
    - 40 books by the end of school.
      Reading response and my signature for credit 
    Endangered Species Report
    Most will be completed in school if they use class time given to them.
    Please check in with you child daily.
    (Topics I, II, II and IV should be complete.)
    Monday -  Ebscohost Topics V and VI
    Tuesday - Topcs V and VI
    First 4 Roman Numerals on the outline will be completed this week.
    I - Define Endangered
    II - Description of your animal
    II - Habitat
    IV - Eating Habits
    V - How your animal became endangered
    VI - What is being done 
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