Mrs. Barbara J. Shaffer
    Grade 8, English-Language Arts
    (908) 735-8512, x124

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    Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts!  Please check out the links to the left for important information about 8th Grade Language Arts.  Visit the "Middle School" site in the pull-down menu "Academic Teams" for important information for all Middle Schoolers as well as Parents of Middle Schoolers!  Don't forget to register for E-Alerts to receive notification each time there is an update to the page!  Each student has been encouraged to check the web site on a daily basis.

    All 8th Grade Reading/Writing Students should have the following supplies for the 2017-2018 school year:

    **Bring your library card on the first day of school!  If you don't have one, bring a parent with their license to the North Branch of the Hunterdon Library to apply for a card.  You may need a utilities bill, like electric, water, or gas bill, to show address in addition to their license.  If you have a library card for another location, bring that one!  I will make a copy of your card and send it home with you that day!

    1.  1-1/2" or 2" binder;
    2.  1 GB Flash Drive or larger (look for a sale!);
    3.  supply of white-lined paper;
    4.  5 pocket dividers;
    5.  pencil case with at least 2 pencils, at least 2 of different colors of pens, and a "yellow" highlighter;
    6.  planning agenda (which will be given to each student on the first day of school for use until iPads are issued);
    7.  an age-appropriate dictionary and thesaurus for home use;
    8.  colored pencils for home use; and,
    9.  speedy typing skills by practicing on "Tighten Up Your Typing Skills," at http://www.freetypinggame.net/play4.asp?lesson=26&tim=1&AGo1=Start+Test