Mrs. Stephanie Evans
    Band, General Music

    Halloween Band!

     ***Please check the Weekly Lesson Schedule link on the left for your lesson day and time.***
    Thank you to our Halloween Band for a fabulous parade performance!!
    ***Please contact me with any questions or concerns at the email address above.***
    Winter Concert:
    Evening performance - December 18* @ 7pm,
    Performance for the school - December 19* @ 9am
    *Please note this is a change from the original schedule!*
    A big thank you to the 7/8 students (and 2 alumni!) who performed at the
    9/11 ceremony at the municipal building Tuesday evening.  
    Overview of the Music Program at Clinton Public
    We have three music teachers at our school. Mrs. Ruch teaches general music and conducts all of our vocal ensembles. Ms. Burton conducts the orchestra and teaches all the string instruments. Mrs. Evans conducts the bands and teaches 7th and 8th grade general music.

    General Music
    Grades K-5 meet with Mrs. Ruch once every six days for 38 minutes.
    Grade 6 meets every day for one trimester with Mrs. Ruch.

    Grades 7-8 meet every day for one trimester alternating between Mrs. Ruch and Mrs. Evans.

    Orchestra is available to students in grades 3-8. Each student meets with Ms. Burton once each week in small groups on a pull-out rotation schedule.


    is available to students in grades 4-8. Each student meets with Mrs. Evans once each week in small groups on a pull-out rotation schedule. Ensemble groups in grades 5-8 meet twice every 6 days during Elective/Study Hall Period for 38 minutes.


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