Below, please find some general information regarding our class and this school year.  In the event you have questions that are not answered here, please email or call me any time! 
    Name: Mrs. Tracy Reinhardt
    Email Address: treinhardt@cpsnj.org
    Phone number:908-735-8512  x201
    General Information
    Clinton Public School operates on a 6 day letter cycle A-F. You can check the school website www.cpsnj.org at any time to find out what letter day it is in school. 
    Our Specials Schedule is as follows:
    Day A-P.E. (Please wear sneakers.)
    Day B-Art
    Day C-Computers
    Day D-P.E. (Please wear sneakers.)
    Day E- Sign Language
    Day F-Music
    We will go to the LIBRARY every Tuesday to exchange books.  In order to check out a book, the previous checked out books must be returned.
    First Grade students have RECESS 1X per day.  Please send your child to school dressed with the appropriate layers as we will go outside weather permitting.
    Students eat LUNCH in the cafeteria.  You should send your child to school with a lunch, lunch tickets or lunch money daily.  You can purchase lunch tickets so your child does not have to carry cash if you prefer.
    First Grade students also have 1  SNACK per day.  Please send your child in with 1 healthy snack daily.  Your child may bring a water bottle to school to use as needed during the day.  Snacks must be NUT FREE please.
    CPS VIRTUAL BACKPACK-Most of the information, forms and notices that you will need during the school year can be found on the CPS website www.cpsnj.org.  You can click on "virtual backpack" to download forms etc.  
    BIRTHDAYS-We love to pay special attention to our little ones on their big day!  Edible treats are not allowed for birthdays b/c of life threatening allergies. I would like to encourage celebrating your child by coming in to read a special book, do a craft or play a game with the class.  These activities have proved to be just as much fun as cupcakes!
     Happy Birthday!
    *Please complete all forms via the parent portal.  Reach out with any questions or concerns about this process.  
    DISMISSAL-Please be sure to send a note to school in the event your child has a change in dismissal.  You can also email me with changes, preferably prior to the school day.  Note:  ANY PERSON PICKING UP YOUR CHILD OTHER THAN YOURSELF must be on the approved emergency form.  All new visitors will be asked for identification especially if the teacher has never met him/her.
    TEACHER CONTACT-The best way to contact me is via email.  My email address is treinhardt@cpsnj.org.  My email is checked daily, usually at the start of the school day.  In the event you have something important you need me to get prior to the end of the school day, feel free to call the office and have them relay the message to me.  The day gets very busy and it is not always possible to check email multiple times while students are in school.  Please allow 24 hours for return contact for non-emergent communication.
    I am very much looking forward to an awesome school year with your children.  I know if we work as a team, this year will be a GREAT success! 
    Tracy Reinhardt
    1st Grade Teacher
    Clinton Public School
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