Matthew Stanbro, Gifted and Talented Coordinator  


    (908) 735-8512 (ext 602)


    Clinton Public School's Gifted and Talented program acknowledges, values, and nurtures the diverse talents of students and is committed to identifying and furthering the development of gifted learners.  Designed to meet the needs of the individual, the program challenges students to maximize their potential through a broad range of enriching and differentiated experiences.  Identified students will be active participants and share the responsibility for their own learning.  Please contact the Gifted and Talented Coordinator if you have questions or concerns with any aspect of our Gifted Program.  As outlined in the Strengthening Gifted Education Act, our district has policies and procedures in place to provide parents with recourse if necessary with regard to any aspect of our Gifted and Talented Program including any complaint of non-compliance. 

    The Clinton Public School enrichment program strives to provide a rich array of learning experiences that provide opportunities for students to explore leadership, creativity, performance, problem solving, and other beyond-academic gifts.  Experiences that promote growth in 21st Century Learning Skills, including critical thinking, creative problem solving, creativity, communication, collaboration, and global competencies are offered within and beyond the classroom. A tiered system of programming allows us to offer a variety of levels of enrichment:

    Tier 1:  

    Enrichment within the Regular Classroom

    Tier 2: 

    Enrichment Within and Beyond the Regular Classroom

    Tier 3:  

    Advancement Beyond the Grade Level







Last Modified on August 7, 2023