Clinton Public School


Event Pupil Days Staff Days
September   21  23
Tuesday, August 30Staff Development

Wednesday, August 31Staff Development    
Thursday, September 1Students Return   
Monday, September 5School Closed - Labor Day  
 October  1819 
Monday, October 3School Closed Rosh Hashanah  
Monday, October 10School Closed - Staff Development 
Wednesday, October 12School Closed - Yom Kippur  
  18 18 
Friday, November 412:45 PM Dismissal: Parent-Teacher Conf.   
Monday, November 712:45 PM Dismissal: Parent-Teacher Conf.    
Tuesday, November 8 12:45 PM Dismissal: Parent-Teacher Conf.

Wednesday, November 912:45 PM Dismissal: Parent-Teacher Conf.
Thursday, November 10School Closed: NJEA Convention   
Friday, November 11School Closed: NJEA Convention
Wednesday, November 2312:45 PM Dismissal
Thursday, November 24School Closed: Thanksgiving Recess
Friday, November 25School Closed: Thanksgiving Recess
December    16 16 
Wednesday, December 712:45 PM Dismissal: Staff Development    
Friday, December 23School Closed: Winter Recess    
Monday, December 26 - 30 School Closed: Winter Recess    
January   20 20
Monday, January 2School Closed: Winter Recess    
Tuesday, January 3School Reopens  
Monday, January 16School Closed: Martin Luther King Day    
February   19 19
Wednesday, February 112:45 PM Dismissal: Staff Development    
Monday, February 20School Closed: Presidents’ Holiday    
March    23 23
   14 14
Wednesday, April 512:45 PM Dismissal: Staff Development    
Friday, April 14 - 21School Closed: Spring Recess    
Monday, April 24School Reopens  
May    22 22
Monday, May 29School Closed: Memorial Day    
June   14  15
Wednesday, June 712:45 PM Dismissal: Staff Development    
Monday, June 1912:45 PM Dismissal: Staff Development  
 Tuesday, June 2012:45 PM Dismissal: Last day for students
Wednesday, June 21 Last day for staff    

 Total Days
 185  189

This calendar includes 4 built-in make-up days for inclement weather. If they are not needed, they will be removed from the June calendar. Any additional days needed will be made up in this order: President’s Day (February 20), up to 2 additional days added to the end of the year, Spring Recess beginning Friday, April 21 and working backwards ending on Monday. Students will attend school for a total of 181 days and staff will attend school for a total of 185 days.

Board Approved: February 23, 2016