• Welcome to 4th grade!

    We will be learning so much this year!  Fourth grade is a crucial year for reading and writing development.  We will be really delving into character and plot development as well as real-world themes in our novels and stories.  We have our own Chromebooks so we will complete many projects on Google Classroom.  We will continue to use the Word Journeys program for Word Study, which will involve routine homework most weeks.  In math we will expand our knowledge of multiplication and division, and tackle fractions and decimals.

    I'm looking forward to a wonderful year!  The best way to contact me with any questions or concerns is by email: kmetelitsa@cpsnj.org.

    Best wishes,

    --Mrs. Metelitsa

    Mrs. Metelitsa's Specials Schedule

    Day A: Art

    Day B: Spanish

    Day C: Gym (wear sneakers!)

    Day D: Music

    Day E: Computers

    Day F: Gym (wear Sneakers!)


    Word Study Homework Schedule

    (we will follow this format most weeks, although it is subject to change occassionally)

    • Monday: ABC Sort - Sort your spelling words according to the key words. Then put each list of words into ABC order. Copy the alphabetized sort into your notebook beneath each key word.
    • Tuesday: 10 Sentences - Chose any 10 of your spelling words and write a 4th grade sentence for each. Each sentence should demonstrate an understanding of the word’s definition and include proper mechanics.
    • Wednesday: Cursive Sort - Sort your spelling words according to the key words. Then write the sort in cursive in your notebook beneath each key word. Use your cursive guide in your notebook to help you correctly form cursive letters.
    • Thursday: Choice Homework - Choices Include:
      • Sort and then type your words grouped by key words. Print and hand in.
      • Chose 7 or more words and write a short story in your notebook. Your story must be cohesive.
      • Sort your spelling words by key words, copy the words into your notebook and write the vowels in a different color using a pen, colored pencil, or crayon.
    • Friday: Quiz in class (no HW)