• Visual and Performing Art

    Intent and Spirit

    The NJSLS-VPA reflect the National Core Arts Standards and emphasize the process-oriented nature of the arts and arts learning by:  

    • Defining artistic literacy through a set of overarching philosophical foundations and lifelong goals that clarify long-term expectations for arts learning;  
    • Placing artistic processes and anchor standards at the forefront of the work;  
    • Identifying creative artistic practices as the bridge for the application of the artistic processes and anchor standards across all learning; and  
    • Specifying enduring understandings and essential questions that provide conceptual through lines and articulate value and meaning within and across the arts discipline.  

    The development of artistic literacy is dependent on creating an environment in which students are encouraged to independently and collaboratively imagine, investigate, construct, and reflect.  


    To empower students to develop creative and critical thinking, social-emotional competencies, and intellectual and expressive abilities that will allow them to become active, contributing members of a global society.


    All students will have equitable access to a quality, arts education that leads to artistic literacy and fluency in the artistic practices of the five art disciplines (dance, music, theatre, visual arts, and media arts) as a mechanism for:  

    • Performing, presenting or producing, as artistically literate individuals, by expressing and realizing creative ideas and implementing essential technical skills and cognitive abilities significant to many aspects of life and work in the 21st century;  
    • Responding to artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and cognizance of the ability of the arts to address universal themes, including climate change;  
    • Creating new artistic work reflective of a variety of ethnic, racial, and cultural perspectives; and  
    • Connecting and evaluating how the arts convey meaning through all arts and non-arts disciplines and contexts of our global society.  

    The vision of all students having equitable access to a quality arts education is only achieved when the five arts disciplines are offered continuously throughout the K–12 spectrum.  


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    Media Arts


Last Modified on August 2, 2023