Welcome 2018-2019 school year!  Our school system is energized around the collective vision for 21st Century Learning which has served as the cornerstone of our long range strategic plan. This summer our teachers have been carefully planting the seeds for success by reviewing and updating our ELA and Math Curriculum to embrace three big ideas based on national best practices and cutting-edge research to provide an engaging and relevant education that includes:

    • blended learning, which combines technology with face-to-face instruction and leads to anytime, anywhere learning
    • project-based learning, which promotes problem solving, collaboration and communication
    • service learning, which connects students with the community

    The curriculum revisions also added a section entitled Universal Design for Learning, or UDL. UDL is an instructional framework that supports flexible ways for educators to teach lessons, as well as multiple ways for students to demonstrate what they know. The goal is to reach all learners.  Universal Design for Learning provides a blueprint for developing instructional goals, teaching methods, materials, and assessments that work for each student--not a single, one-size-fits-all solution but rather flexible approaches that can be customized and adjusted to meet individual needs. Most important, UDL provides several avenues for feedback that is more explicit, timely, informative, and accessible, so that students understand what they need to do differently to achieve success on a given task.  Therefore, as the long hot summer finally comes to an end, we are SO excited to welcome the crisp banter and laughter of our students as we start our new school year!


    Mrs. Turner