As another amazing year comes to a close at CPS, it dawned on me that sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words! It is impossible to capture in words all we have done this year and all the interesting places that our studies led us to explore. From the smallest to the tallest, our students asked questions and then followed the path of inquiry to find the answers! From the High Line in NYC, to our local rivers by canoe, and everything in between, the narrative of CPS is one where students have unlimited possibilities to imagine, learn, and create.  Although sometimes the answers were in our own backyard, it is the journey and the lessons learned along the way about teamwork and camaraderie that our students will hold in their hearts forever.  I can't wait to see where our lessons will take us next year!  I wish you all things bright and beautiful as you go off for your summer adventures!

    Field Trip  
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