• Announcements for delayed openings, early dismissals, and school closing will come from the REALTIME Alert system.


    Delayed Opening:
    Our delay is a two (2) hour delay. All students report to school exactly two hours later than the regular starting time; school begins at 10:30. Bus service for Glen Gardner students will also commence two hours later than the regular time. AM Preschool and all before-school activities will be cancelled.

    School Closings:
    School may be closed for the full day for inclement weather or other unanticipated emergencies.

    Parents should use the following resources to acquire information about closings, delays:

    - The CPS website www.cpsnj.org (Information will be immediately posted on the website. This site will always serve as a primary source of current information.)
    - News 12 NJ
    - Channel 69 (WFMZ-TV) and their website: www.wfmz.com/stormcenter
    - Channel 7 ABC

    Early Closing:
    School will dismiss at 12:45 for early dismissals. When school must close early, The Honeywell Instant Alert System will be used to attempt to contact all parents. Keep your Honeywell profile updated; any changes in phone numbers or emergency contacts should be reported to the main office and updated in your Honeywell profile.

    Our website will also have the most up-to-date information. We will also notify the media outlets listed above.

    In the event of an Early Closing – PM Pre-School, the Aftercare Program, and all after school clubs and sports will be cancelled.

    In addition, there may be times when we will have a pre-planned Early Closing. Should the weather report indicate inclement weather toward the end of the next school day, we will make a decision the night before or early in the morning that school will be dismissed early the next day. This assists everyone in knowing in advance that students will be sent home early. The instant alert system will be used for pre-planned early closings.

    Please call if you have any questions or concerns and thank you again for your attention to these important safety matters.


    Dr. Seth Cohen