Department of Special Services

  • Dear Parent / Guardians:

    We hope you and your family enjoyed the summer and have experienced a successful transition back to school. It has been a very busy and exciting beginning of the year and it has been so wonderful to have our halls filled with our amazing students.  As in the past, our Child Study Team is available to assist you in any way they can.  In order to effectively monitor your child’s progress, a Child Study Team member has been assigned as a case manager. Mr. Rauchbach will be transitioning to a new position outside of Clinton Public School, effective September 21, 2022. Due to the timing of the transition, there will be a slight gap until our new Social Worker can begin her new role at CPS. Therefore, in the interim I will serve as a case manager in place of Mr. Rauchbach. 

    We utilize a multidisciplinary approach that encourages the parent(s), students, teachers, paraprofessionals, related services personnel, administrators and any other essential IEP Team members to fully participate in the educational experience and process. Through open communication and collaboration, we are able to establish positive, successful, and productive academic experiences for our students.

    When a child needs special education services, the student may be exposed to various interventions, new teaching methods, various services, and meetings. While these approaches and offerings are exciting and open up many opportunities, this process may also be overwhelming at times. To assist in the process of learning about special education programs and process, I have created a special education webpage for parents, teachers, and community members. It will provide you with a deeper understanding of the special education process and resources within our school and community.  Also, please see the special education newsletter by clicking on this link: NEWSLETTER 2022

    Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. I look forward to a wonderful school year full of many success stories and achievements for our students. 




    Jenine Kastner


    Dr. Jenine Kastner

    Director  of Special Services

    908-735-8512 ext. 400

    Clinton Public School Special Education Programs are a place where students continue to grow and engage in learning in a supportive, community atmosphere with innovation and proven methods of instruction.




    Special Education Staff


    Child Study Team:


    Director/LDTC – Dr.Jenine Kastner,, 908-735-8512 ext. 403

    School Psychologist – Toni Cespedes,, 908-735-8512 ext. 402


    Administrative Assistant-Veronica Upwood,, 908-735-8512 ext. 400


    Teacher Assignments:

    Grade 8 Resource Center- Mr. Rehrig and Mrs. Rella

    Grade 7 Resource Center-  Mrs. Rella

    Grade 6 Resource Center- Mrs. Nolan

    Grade 5 Resource Center- Ms. D’Esposito

    Grade 4 Resource Center -Mrs. Rizzi

    Grade 3 Resource Center- Mrs. Jordan

    Grade 2 Resource Center- Mrs. Brownell

    Grade 1 Resource Center- Mrs. Brownell

    LEAPS-Specialized Program – Mrs. Schorr

    SOAR-Specialized Program- Mr. Kelleher

    BRIDGES-Specialized Program-Mrs. Kubik

    Preschool Program- Mrs. Pignio

    Occupational Therapist- Mrs. Sinagra

    Physical Therapist- Mrs. Best

    Speech and Language Therapists- Mrs. Vazquez and Mrs. Thomas


    Dr. Jenine Kastner

    Director of Special Services

    908-735-8512 ext. 400