• English Language Services


    Welcome to the ELS Program at CPS!

    Clinton Public School offers an English Language Services Program where English Language Learners are fully integrated in the student body yet participate in a pull-out program designed to foster their academic achievement through promoting academic and content language proficiency. The program, based on World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) standards, has been aligned with district curricular objectives, following a model of content based instruction. To accelerate the development of academic and content specific language, as well as comprehension and fluency of expression, listening, speaking, reading and writing activities are set up thematically and make use of innovative and thought-provoking ESL materials.

    To learn about more information concerning the ELS program at Clinton Public School can be obtained by contacting:

    Jennifer Watkins, ESL Teacher
    jwatkins@cpsnj.org (the easiest way to reach me)
    Voicemail: 735-8512 ext.