Second Grade Teacher
    Voice Mail (908)735-0950 ext. 105.  You can reach me most easily via e-mail.

    Welcome to Camp DeJesus!


    ***Class Zoom meeting at 11am today! 

    Show school spirit!  Wear school colors today or school apparel!***

    I'm also available to Skype after the Zoom meeting.

    Day 14 (4/3/20). It is a day E.  We have World Language.

    If your child hasn't done so already, have him/her complete one assignment in that was in his/her folder for sign language.

    If your child has completed his/her art project from Wednesday, please send me a picture and I will forward it to Mrs. Lauricella.  (They can also finish in the coming week).

    If your child finished the health assignment from yesterday, (2nd Grade Health assignment) please send me a picture and I will forward it to Mr. Bidwell.

    Math:  Complete the day 14 packet that includes:

    • number facts practice

    • math practice

    • Fundations review

    Please have your child go onto SPLASH MATH (https://www.splashlearn.com/) today and complete at least 1 of the assignments I gave him/her.

    Reading:  Read the passage in the day 14 packet.  Then complete the worksheet about the reading passage.

    Please have your child go onto RAZ kids (https://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login) today.  He/she needs to read one of the books I assigned him/her and take the quiz. 

    Writing:  Instead of a journal prompt today- please have your child finish his/her card or  ‘poster’ for a nurse or healthcare professional.  There’s a family at CPS, whose cousin is the head of Emergency Management at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, Somerset. She’s going to collect all the cards and give them out there and at Hunterdon Medical Center.  (See the attachment for the example from Mrs. McGavisk’s daughter).

    Thank you nurses

    Mail the card to:

    Stacy Ryan

    C/o Nurses

    17 Angel Place

    Somerset, NJ 08873

    I'm available via email from 1:00-3:00pm for questions.

    If you would like to receive notifications to my webpage follow these directions:

    • Go to www.cpsnj.org

    • Click “Sign In” in the upper right corner of the screen (if you are not already signed in)

    • Enter your username and password

    • In the upper right of the screen, click “My Account” and go to Edit Account Settings

    • Click on Subscriptions on the left

    • Click on the Manage button

    • Click on Other Areas tab at the top

    • Check the boxes of the sections that you wish to subscribe to

    • Click I’m Done

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