• Jamie Friedel

    5th Grade ELA
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    Students are responsible for an independent reading book of their choice. 5th graders participate in the 30 Book Challenge. The 30 Book Challenge is a personal CHALLENGE. It is not a class grade. It is not a mandatory program. It is not meant to deflate student achievement. It is merely meant to push students, teachers, and families to embrace a culture of reading, to explore all genres, and to push beyond our comfort zones. The challenge is laid out below:
    Realistic Fiction – 2      Historical Fiction – 2         Mystery/Ghost Stories – 2       Traditional Literature – 2      Fantasy – 2       Science Fiction – 2       Informational Text – 2          Biography/Autobiography/Memoir - 2             Book of Poetry – 2          FREE CHOICE - 12  
    5th grade will focus on writing: 
    Narratives, Expository, Argumentative 
     Students will practice vocabulary at their own pace using Membean. Students are responsible for "training" in three 15 minute sessions during a vocabulary week. After two weeks of training there will be a quiz to track progress. 


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