Clinton Public School

~Michele Graffis~
First Grade Teacher
You can reach me most easily, home-(610)865-2928,or a note via your child



We are a PEANUT FREE classroom. All snacks MUST be peanut free. Students may have nuts in their lunches but not in their snacks for the classroom.

Welcome to our classroom and to a great school year of learning! The students have voted that TEAM GRAFFIS is The Jumpers!
Please email me if there are any questions or concerns. If it is an emergency and I need to get information to your child, please email me in the morning by 8am. Our specials are at the end of the day, so it is difficult for me to check email during the day.

The students are using a binder called F.R.O.G. (It is their Fantastic Really Organized Guide).  The F.R.O.G. is to travel back and forth to school with them EVERY day. It includes a money pouch to keep any money in for school, a homework folder, a Student Planner to write homework in, a pocket for the Monthly Book List, and a place for notes back and forth to school.

Newsletters- I will be keeping you informed through a weekly newsletter as well as through our website. Please apply for the e-alert for website update.

"Family Message Journals"- The students will write letters to their parents throughout the year in their Family Message Journal. The students will set up a letter using the date, heading, opening, details, questions, closing, and a signature.

"Personal Journals"- The students should be collecting pictures to place in their 5X7 brown envelope. They may be photographs, magazine pictures, playing cards, stickers, anything that can be glued flat to a journal page. These writing journals will not be corrected. Pictures can be saved and added throughout the year.

The students will be reading, writing, and learning about various species of penguins. The students will be reading narrative and informational texts on their reading level. They will be gaining information about penguins through mentor texts that are read to them. The  students will be reading graphs, using their mapping skills, and measuring the heights of various penguins. It is a great theme to explore and learn about using many areas of the curriculum!
The students will be writing thank you letters for a special gift! January is the Month of Respect and the Month of Thank yous!!!!
The End of the 2nd  Marking Period
The students will be taking several tests within the first two weeks of school in January:
Sight Word Testing, Spelling Test on Word Family Words, placement tests for Word Journeys Spelling, Reading Theme Test #2, Sentence Dictation, Otter Creek Math Fact placement testing, and a Timed Writing piece.
The students are displaying good and consistent progress in their Book Clubs! They have greatly increased their knowledge of sight words, fluency, and comprehension! Most of the students have been reassessed on their knowledge of the leveled sight words. Book Club #1  will be coming home with new WORD CARD BAGGIES. The cards will include words from Lists A and B. Our goal is for each student to master Lists A, B, and C by the end of first grade! PLEASE return WORD CARD BAGGIES the NEXT DAY when they come home for practice. Students who are already above the goal of  the words on List C, will not be bringing Word Card Baggies home. We have 4 Book Clubs that rotate and meet daily or every other day!
The students will be writing thank you letters for a special gift.
The class will be making a class book that describes ourselves to our Pen Pal Class, Mrs. Carrolls class at The Conley School in Bethlehem Twp. Each student will be responsible for describing 2-3 details about our classroom and school.
The students will be writing their first report about a penguin of their choice. They will also be making a life size drawing and painting of their penguin.
January is the Month of Respect. The students will be writing what they love about themselves and love what they do for others.
The students are working on addition and subtraction to 20. They are using bar models, drawings, and comparisons to assist them in addition and subtraction. They are using related facts and fact families to assist them in their recall of facts.
The students will be tested and placed for Otter Creek Timed Math Facts!
Penguins and Mapping
January starts our "Star of the Week". Each student will have a week to be our "SUPER STAR"! The student will assist with classroom routines and have special tasks to perform!
Froggy and Lily are our two class mascots who travel home with a child each week. They come complete with a journal for writing and pictures, their own backpacks, and a variety of clothes.The students really enjoy them! Please return them to school on Friday with all of their belongings!
Things that can be practiced at home or while riding in the car!
Counting backwards from 20
math facts-doubles
learning and writing complete name, address and phone number
skip counting by 10, 5, 2
recognizing coins and values
practicing rhyming/word family words/ high frequency words


*Please be sure to wear sneakers for Gym class.
Any question or concerns, please email me or call me at home in the evening when I have time to chat-610-865-2928. If it is important to you about your child, it is important to me!
 HALF DAYS for students. Please provide your child with a lunch or additional snack.
Websites to try: -a wonderful place for learning games - enjoy the world of Dr. Seuss -practice your math skills
Last Modified on January 3, 2016