• Tonya Lunger
       Sixth Grade LA/Basic Skills
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    Week of April 15th
    6th Grade Language Arts 
    - We have our goal of 40 books before the end of the year to reach.
    - Keep reading & setting new goals. Daily plan should be recorded
      in your planner.
    - 32books by the end of April
    (You can still count one from summer, Schooled, and Love That Dog)
      Reading response and my signature for credit 
    Tuck Everlasting can be used for this month.
    The Sister's Grimm
    Monday - Finish preparing for Session 6 (Read/Post its, Job, and Journal)
                   Complete the Venn Diagram (Compare Tuck Everlasting to Sister's Grimm)
                  Continue to work on Figurative Language (10), Sythesizing(5), V
    Tuesday -  Session 6 Book Discussion
    Wednesday - Prepare for Session 7 (Read/Post its, Job, and Journal)
    Thursday - Session 7 Book Discussion
    Be sure to check in each day with your child. They should read, complete
    a journal response, and complete their job for each session. 
    There will be 10 sessions and students should not read ahead.
    Students will be graded on each of these items, participation in groups,
    participation in class, and also all items on the front of their packet. 
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