Clinton Public School

Tonya Lunger
   Sixth Grade LA
    You can reach me best via e-mail.
Week of May 22nd
I'm looking for all kinds of furniture donations to have a classroom without desks :-)
Please e-mail before getting rid of anything, I may be able to use it.
My mom just donated two patio chairs and a table!
Examples: beach chairs, carpet, small tables, stools, butterfly chairs.....really anything 
6th Grade Language Arts 
 We have our goal of 40 books before the end of the year to reach.
- Keep reading & setting new goals. Daily plan should be recorded
  in your planner.
- 36 books by the end of May
  Reading response and my signature for credit 
My Life In Dog Years
Tuesday - Snowball 
Thursday - Ike
Friday - Dirk
Tuesday - Spring Write 
Unit 12 
Quiz on Friday
10-12 quiz on May 31st 
Last Modified on May 22, 2017