Board of Education Meeting

BoardSeptember 20, 2022  Board of Education Meeting

Agenda will follow the normal posting to the district’s website.

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT on August 17, 2022 the Clinton-Glen Gardner Board of Education will hold an in-person public meeting that will be held in the All Purpose Room in Clinton Public School. Members of the public will be able to attend the public meeting in-person, where public comments may also be made.  While the Board intends to stream the meeting live on its website for public viewing, members of the public are encouraged to participate in-person in the event there are technical difficulties or other disruptions to the livestreamed component.  Members of the public are also advised that they can email their comments in advance of the meeting, which comments will be read during the meeting.  Livestreamed comments will not be accepted.  By holding an in-person meeting during which members of the Board and the public are able to attend and participate, the Board of Education is compliant with the Open Public Meetings Act. 

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